Feb 14, 2013

Microsoft Logo Wallpaper 2013

Honeycomb 2013 Microsoft Company Logo Wallpaper

2013 Microsoft Log Grunge Wallpaper

Microsoft New Logo Wallpaper

2013 Microsoft Logo Wallpaper Grid
all sized 1600x900
In August 2012 Microsoft overhauled their logo with their first update in 25 years.  Using the Segoe font and a much simpler design, the symbol’s squares of color are intended to express the company’s diverse portfolio of products.  The new coloured square oddly resembles the new logo of DVDVideoSoft released some months beforehand

Microsoft Official Website

Jan 30, 2013

Fred Astaire 1951 Royal Wedding

"Royal Wedding" is a 1951 MGM musical comedy film starring Fred Astaire and Jane Powell.  In the dance scene above, called "Sunday Jumps", Fred Astaire parodies himself by dancing with a hatstand, crediting the idea to his choreographic collaborator Hermes Pan.

In 1997, Astaire's widow Robyn authorized a digitally altered version of the scene for a Dirt Devil TV commercial.

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Jan 12, 2013

Concept Artist Svetlin Velinov

Deathshriek Banshee
Red Moon
Talons of Falkenrath
Obsessive Focus

Bulgarian concept artist, illustrator, animator and comic artist Svetlin Velinov whose work has featured on the card game Magic The Gathering and digital art magazine Imagine FX.

Portfolio on DevianArt
Portfolio on CGHub
Interview on Imagine Fx

Jan 9, 2013

Patrick Demarchelier Fashion Photography

Photographer Natasha Poly Patrick Demarchelier
Natasha Poly

Karlie Kloss Photography by Patrick Demarchelier
Karlie Kloss

Photography by Patrick Demarchelier

Ondria Hardin by Patrick Demarchelier
Ondria Hardin

Born Paris 1943, Patrick Demarchelier is one of half a dozen Master fashion photographers in the world, with a client list that includes Versace, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Armani.

Official Website

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Jan 8, 2013

The Mentalist TV Wallpaper

The Mentalist TV Wallpaper
The Mentalist Wallpaper
Mentalist Wallpaper Tv
 all sized 1600x900
American police procedural series which debuted in 2008 now in it's fifth season on US channel CBS.  The series follows Patrick Jane (actor Simon Baker) a former fraudulent psychic medium now a consultant for the fictional California Bureau of Investigation, whose ulitmate goal is to track down the brutal killer of his wife and daughter.

Official Website

Nov 28, 2012

Katniss Jacket Movie Costume Replica

Katniss Jacket

Hunger Games Movie Costume

Katniss Everdeen Jacket Movie Replica

Katniss Movie Jacket

Replica of the jacket worn by Katniss Everdeen in the film  "Hunger Games"

Jacket shell is black and 100% Nylon
Inside jacket is also black and 100% cotton
Double hooded with both zipper and button closures

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Oct 3, 2012

Concept Artist Gilles Beloeil

Gilles Beloeil Concept Art

Assassin's Creed 3 Concept Art Billes Beloeil

Game Art Gilles Beloeil

Game Concept Artist Billes Beloeil

Gilles Beloeil Game Concept Artist

Senior concept artist and digital matte painter at Ubisoft Montreal, most recent notable project is his contribution to the concept art for upcoming video game Assassin's Creed 3.

Artist's Official Website

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Oct 2, 2012

Fanmade Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wallpaper

Jin Kazama Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wallpaper
Jin Kazama
Xiaoyu Ling Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wallpaper
Xiaoyu Ling
Anna Williams Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wallpaper
Anna Williams
Nina Williams Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wallpaper
Nina Williams
Christie Monteiro Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wallpaper
Christie Monteiro
All sized 1600x900
Released September 2012 for Xbox 360 and Ps3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a fighting game developed by Namco Bandai Games.  The game Includes almost every character from the Tekken series including the fiery Irish Williams sisters and Panda.

Fanmade wallpaper by "elderly"

Official Website
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